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Order Defect Rate Suspension

Amazon check every account automatically every 4 weeks to make sure all orders and tracking information is updated. This suspension happens because of high negative reviews, AZ Claims, late shipment or delivery issues.

Show Evidence complied to our policies

Sometimes you create a new account and you have provided every document but amazon still ask you for all documents again and again. if you are struck here let us get you out.

Received Used item

Sometimes customers report they have received used item and amazon suspend your list or account on basis of that.We can help you to reinstate this account too.

Trademark violation or other voilations

We can also help you get back account on which you have trademark violations or copyright violation.We can also get back you account having review manipulation ,Product Detail Page not matching the actual product or suspended due to Malicious activity.

Our clients say

Very helpful and exactly what I was looking for! He succeeded in getting my Amazon account reinstated after I failed several times. Nice Person. I will work with him again.
Hilary Leigh
Amazon Seller
This is the second time I’ve used your services, and again, I’m more than happy with them!!
Hall Read
Amazon Seller
These guys are amazing. Excellent Plan of Action and they delivered it in less than 12 hours. Unbelievably amazing!
Quintin Angus
Amazon Seller
It was another great experience working with this seller. He helped me on another issue with my Amazon listing and I'm hopeful that his services will be of help with this one also. Highly recommend!
Jillie Tempest
Amazon Seller

Choose the perfect plan

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  • Small Account
  • 36-48 HR Ready
  • 2 replies



  • Medium A/C
  • 24-36 HR Ready
  • 4 replies



  • Large Account
  • 12-24 HR Ready
  • 10 Replies



  • if Amazon have sized your funds we will bring your seized money from amazon. You have to Contact Us

Frequently asked questions

It all depends upon your time how soon you want your order to be completed. If your account exceed the amount of replies you have to upgrade to next package.

You will fill the forum below and one of our agent will reply back to you. As we have 1500+ successful reinstated cases we will compare your case and let you know the chances.

You will get a Plan of Action letter which will be written by our experienced agents. This letter will be written according to your account condition and provided to you. You will forward it to amazon from your registered email address.

First you will get a reply according to the package you have selected. After that if all depends on your suspension type. Because of COVID-19 Amazon is also delaying replies as compare to normal time period. 

Fill the form below attach your suspension screenshot which you have received from amazon.

This amazon reinstatement service will help you reinstate you amazon account. Many time amazon accounts get suspended because of a lot of reasons which includes.

  • Suspended due to restricted country
  • copyright violation
  • suspended due to high ODR (Order Defect Ratio)
  • suspension of your Buyer/Seller Messaging
  • suspended for selling something as NEW but customer complained receiving used
  • give evidence account has complied to our policies
  • trademark violation
  • review manipulation
  • Product Detail Page not matching the actual product violation
  • suspended due to Malicious activity
  • where you operate your business
  • who got access to your account

and a lot more we can handle all type of suspensions and help you reinstate your amazon account.

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